Alone my lover

Keep us on my heart


Question: What do you fantasize about doing with each other?


You may not know this but, I’m a dancer….well I used to be a dancer. I haven’t done it in a while, but it’s safe to say that I was definitely born from a boombox.

I have this fantasy for us.

We’d be at one of those fancy schmancy parties. A gala, maybe…or a ball. I would be wearing a gorgeous gold dress that clung to me and flowed down to the ground at the same time. He would be wearing a tuxedo (giving every Bond man a run for his money). We would sway playfully to the music until a song came on…maybe Tesselate *hint hint.*

He would take my hand and usher me towards the centre of the dancefloor. He would pull my me firmly against his chest. And then he’d move. He would tango and waltz and salsa. His every move would emulate the beat as seamlessly as if he had the entire song flowing through his bloodstream.

He would dip me below his knee and lift me up above his head. He would spin me until I was so far from him that our fingertips barely touched and then he would spin me towards him so quickly that it felt like our hearts connected as soon as our chests collided.

He would make the dance floor ours. Not in the way that it feels like we were the only ones there, I mean it literally. The entire party would have dispersed to give us all the room we needed because this song was made for us alone to move to, no one else.

I can practically feel it. I can feel his face pulled upright against mine so that we have no choice but to breathe into each other. And then we separate. We stand 2 feet apart. Our hands up as we spin in a circle, unable to touch. A sign of modesty to those watching, a playful tease to both of us as we ache to be in each others arms. We both spin in a circle and as we face each other, he pulls my hands, spins me one last time and dips me so low that my hair barely grazes the floor.

I should be scared, but how could I not trust him?

How could I not be under his spell?

And then he picks me up with a hand so steady and a gaze so strong that I stand there breathless…paralyzed…entranced.

How could I not be utterly entranced by his beautiful blue eyes?

How could I not be head over heels in love with him?


I think what I fantasize about doing most with her is travelling. I want to come home from work one day to suitcases waiting at the front door, and tickets to somewhere amazing like the Galapagos Islands in her hand. I want to be completely surprised with it, I want to jut grab my suitcase and escape with her at a moments notice.

We’d go somewhere tropical for sure for our first trip. She wants to go to England so badly, and so do I, but the tropics is where it’s at for the first trip. Whether it’s Belize, Dominican Republic, Jamaica or somewhere else, I want to look around at the blue skies and palm trees and be greeted by something more beautiful: her.

We’d parasail, surf, relax on the beach and drink pinà coladas, without a worry in the world. Even though she doesn’t enjoy climbing things or going into isolated places, I’d hope she would go on exploration tours with me to waterfalls (even though she hates them) and other amazing things that nature has to offer.

Because there are so many things I fantasize about when it comes to Olympia, I need to add another… I’d love to see her perform live somewhere, even if it’s just at a coffee shop. She’s an amazing singer, her voice is so melodic (except for when she’s angry) and she has the ability to capture and demand your undivided attention.

Even if nothing big came out of her performing or auditioning for something, I’d just like to see her up there on stage having a blast because she smiles the biggest smile when singing and I love it.

There’s a long list of things I dream of doing with her, but travelling the world and watching her fulfill her dreams are the ones I’d love to experience some day!

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