Just Let Those Words Roll Off Your Tongue

Steal my t-shirt. Wreck my bed. Even if you don’t, say you do.


What are the things he or she would only ever do for you?


Where to begin?

I guess my blanket answer is: everything.

He’s the only person on earth who would do everything for me. And I am the only person who he would do everything for.

Some girls have high expectations of their boy/girlfriends, but I take it up about 1000 notches higher. I have the strangest and most outrageous demands, yet somehow he has met up to every single one of them.

One big thing he does is just being my boyfriend. When I was a little girl, I had a checklist (the kind every little girl had) of all the characteristics that would make up the ideal boyfriend. Would you believe me if I told you that he checks off every single box on my list? Well I don’t really care if you do, it’s true. That’s the one of the biggest things he’s done. He is the only boy who could ever be exactly what I wanted and needed.

What else has he done?

He has listened to me go on for hours and hours about nothing. He has somehow adapted to the pure sarcasm and condescension that escapes from my very being. He has carried me when my feet hurt too much to walk. He has tied my shoelaces so I never have to when he’s there. He’s eaten all of his worst meals just for my amusement. He has held my hand every single day so that I never feel alone when I am with him. He has played with my hair until I fell asleep. He has cooked for me and attempted to fatten me up like a Thanksgiving turkey. He has jumped straight into the mouth of some of his worst fears because I asked him to. He has stayed up late for several months to watch all of my favorite shows and movies with me. He has been my biggest fan from the beginning. He has been my rock and my mirror. You wanna know the biggest thing he’s done specifically for me?

He’s promised me the rest of his forever.

It’s not a one way street though…

I’ve promised him mine too.



Oh there are so many things Olympia would only do for me, and each one makes me feel so special. I’ll start with the most hilarious and tedious one: she plucks my random hairs.

Every time she comes to my place, along with excitement I also feel conflicted because at some point, I know she is going to take my tweezers and go to work on my face. I love the outcome, which is a smooth hairless face, but I hate the process. She insists on getting every last hair that is somewhere it doesn’t belong (I have a really fuzzy face, I’m not sure why I was cursed with this but at least I would survive a blizzard while you all freeze). I writhe and yell out in pain, I curse and utter horrible things but I come out more handsome on the other side, and I think she feels satisfaction from doing it so I let her. The things I would go through for this girl, I tell you.

She also gives me private concerts. She loves to sing, and she’s amazing at it too. Every once in a while, she’ll sit me down and ask me to pick a song for her to learn, and she’ll put the time in to hit every last note and put her own twist on it. She’s sung Beyoncé, Rihanna, Whitney Houston, Sam Smith and so many others for me, and I can’t get enough. The odd time I’ll sing for her but I’m not as gifted in the vocal department as Olympia.

The last one I’ll talk about is making creative videos of us. She has to be the best videographer/moviemaker I’ve ever seen! Music, special effects, timing, you name it and she’s mastered it. Everyone always tells her she should make a youtube channel and she’s finally starting! When it comes to videos of us, she’ll make a mashup of cute videos of us playing arcade games or exploring the city, along with pictures and a song that relates to both of us, and they never cease to make me smile. She even made a basketball video for me with all of my dunking highlights, she just has a knack for these things. I know one day she’ll be making a living doing something to do with entertainment, because it makes her happier than anything!

These are just three things that she does that she’d only do for me, and there are so many more, but these are three of my favourites. She’s supportive, she knows what I thrive off of, and she just wants to see me happy. Olly would stop at nothing to see me happy, and that’s something about her I’ll always love.

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