Something In The Way You Do It

There’s something in the way you move ~ Ellie Goulding


How does it feel watching him do something he’s passionate about?


Some people don’t like a lot of things, and I think that makes it easy to pinpoint their passions. He’s a bit different though, he likes so so so many things that it’s nearly impossible to find the one thing that sparks that fire in him…the fire that cannot be put out by anyone or anything.

Two words…one word? Yeah it’s two words put together to form one word. Basketball. You know, the one with the ball and the basket and jumping and the throwing and the passing and the falling and the mascots? Yup that’s the extent of my knowledge of basketball.

That doesn’t matter though, because despite my indifference to it, and every other sport in the world, he makes it worth the energy.

Now I’ve never actually watching him play a game with people, but that still couldn’t hide his love for the sport. I don’t mean he loves it like he watches a basketball game every time there’s one on TV; or he spends endless hours talking about Kobe Bryant; or he only wears basketball shoes thereby making him a “baller” (yuck I don’t think I’ve ever used that word, and I must say, it did not feel natural).

When I say he’s passionate about basketball, I mean it transports him into a universe far out of my reach. I watch his videos after his games and, honestly, they leave me gobsmacked (yet another weird word, like who came up with it? What does it mean…literally? Someone smacked a gob in your mouth? What is a gob? Is it weird that I picture a jawbreaker? If it is a jawbreaker, then can it actually be smacked into your mouth without causing pain? Oh maybe your mouth is the gob? Mouths are weird. Now I wonder if animals can move their mouths in weird ways. Animals. Tigers. Giraffes. Rhinos. Hippopotamoose? Hippopotamus. Monkey monkey underpants. Thank you Lorelai Gilmore)

I just let you into my train of thought, you’re welcome.

My point is, he’s beautiful when he plays. He flies through the air in effortless leaps. When I watch him, I can tell that he was always supposed to do this. I don’t care what he says about the sport. He could talk about it for hours and all brain would be doing is jumping on the monkey monkey underpants train.

I snap into focus when I analyze his videos. It’s like he has no idea how good he is. He competes with himself every single day. It doesn’t matter who he’s playing with or against, the only person he needs to beat is himself. His determination and his strive to be the best player possible and push his limits farther than anyone could’ve imagined, all that is exactly why I trust him with my life.

I’ve seen what he’s like with a sport he’s passionate about, so I can’t even begin to imagine how gracefully he’s going to fly into our forever with me in his arms.


I believe that if you truly love someone, you’ll encourage them to do the things they are passionate about, the things that make them happy and glow brighter than anything else. For Olympia, singing, dancing, writing and reading are her biggest passions.

While it’s difficult to watch someone write or read, watching someone dance or sing is watching someone at one of they’re most expressive forms. She loves to sing such a wide variety of music, from Sam Smith to The Chainsmokers, Whitney Houston or Adele, she can do it all and it’s amazing to watch her smile and lose herself, all while belting out some harmonic vocals.

She’s also quite the dancer, which is ironic because I can’t dance for my life. She’s tried to teach me countless times but it just doesn’t ever work, we still have a lot of fun doing it though. On our first date, she actually took me to the dance studio at her school and we danced to “Work” by Rihanna. She knew I loved that song and she made it happen, it was mostly her moving though and me awkwardly standing, enjoying what I was seeing.

Both of these things are hobbies she has had for a long, long time. Here in Canada, some people sing and dance and we look at them as artistic people and we ogle at them, wondering why we can’t do these things. In Nigeria, where Olympia grew up though, everyone dances and sings, and they would have parties and performances at her school where she would perform. She loves telling me about those times, and after seeing her immerse herself into her dancing and singing, it’s easy to see why she was chosen to perform.

She loses herself in her craft. When singing, it’s almost like she reaches deep within her soul and expels this amazing sound you just can’t recreate. She wants to audition for X-Factor some day, and I would love nothing more than to watch her. When she’s dancing, she does things I wasn’t aware that the human body could do, partially because I can’t move like that but also because it’s extremely difficult and she’s talented.

Watching your loved one do something that drives them is special, and I think everyone should push for your love to do these things, because you should want to see them at their happiest. It saddens me when I see people who have stopped doing their hobbies because they don’t have time, or someone else frowns upon it. I believe that in order to be happy, you need to find something that you lose yourself in, even if you’re not good at it (it helps if you are though), and just escape the world for a bit.

So, when I watch Olympia dancing and singing, I know she’s in her happy place, and I feel happy, proud, warm inside, and a million other great things. Keep doing what you love Olly.

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