Living In A State In Between

What’s another perfect day for you?


The fact that there haven’t been any posts is completely my fault. If you ask him, he’ll confirm that I am the world’s biggest procrastinator.  OK so, to answer the question, a perfect day would be with him (duh).  This time it’s something I know he’d love. 

He would meet me at the train station, as he usually does.  Then, we’d go to the park…not the open space where people play with their dogs and have picnics, we’d wander into the woods.  He would try to climb on all the trees (because in his head, he’s some kind of backwards Tarzan…a Nazrat, if you will.  Haha, I made a funny!)

Anyway, I would take pictures of him because, as far as I’m concerned, I have the most attractive boyfriend in the world.  We would find a little bridge with a quiet stream running under it.  I would sit on the railing and he would stand in front of me, keeping me steady.  Protecting me.  We would talk about everything in the world, and then he would suggest that we walk through the stream.  Then, much to his surprise, I would say yes and we’d wade through it, admiring all the tiny fish swimming along in that Dory-like way that they do. 

Then we would go home and watch a movie in bed.  We’d get one of our random surges of extreme hunger and order some Jamaican food to appease our demanding appetites.  Then we’d lay back in the dark, listening to music, and then he would sing to me like he used to when we first started dating.  I would shut my eyes and drift off in the arms of the boy I love more than anything in the world. 

So, yeah, I guess my perfect day is a day when my soulmate is as happy as I can make him.


Another perfect day for me would take place in a safari jeep, deep in the Savannahs of Zimbabwe or Kenya. I love wildlife of all types but I especially have huge interest in African safari animals like lions, elephants, zebras and leopards!

Who better to spend this safari trip with than my girlfriend. We’d be camping out in the savannah with safari guides, in canvas tents with a big fire blazing along the camp perimeter to keep the animals away. We would rise early with the sun and watch it ascend above the vast horizon, waking up the antelopes and wildebeest. Then we would get ready for the day, packing all the essentials like water, food, light clothes and one of those cool safari bucket hats, and off we’d go, departing from camp in the rickety old jeep, searching for cheetahs and elephants.

After finding a water hole and taking lots of pictures of the animals, we’d have a tasty lunch. Given that we are in the middle of nowhere, it would probably be simple food but if I could have it my way I would be eating a shawarma from Osmow’s. So would Olympia because she’s an absolute fiend for Osmow’s. After lunch, we would drive many miles further into the savannah, searching for anything interesting we could find. We see vultures circling the sky in the distance and decide to check it out.

A pride of lions has hunted a zebra, and are now taking turns feeding. While it’s gruesome and kind of sad, it’s nature at it’s purest form, raw survival at it’s finest. The little lion cubs play by the side, waiting for their turn to eat. As our jeep approaches, the lions casually look up, but return to eating their hard-earned meal. After some time with the lions, we head back to the camp because the sun is setting.

We start a huge bonfire, and lie down looking at the stars, while the guides tell us stories about the tribes that used to and still do roam the savannahs, and animal creation stories. I couldn’t be happier, one of my childhood goals would be completed and it would happen alongside my favourite human in the world.


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