Go Big Or Go Back Home

No specific question.  Today’s an important day, talk about it.


Today is my birthday and I had mediocre expectations.  It has nothing to do with Lucas, it has a lot more to do with the fact that birthdays have never lived up to standard in the past.  As in, I actually stopped having any expectations for my birthday a very long time ago.  When people asked what I wanted to do, I always said “Nothing.” And when people asked what I wanted as a gift, my answer was the same.  I just always figured that if I walked into the day expecting nothing, there was no way I could be disappointed…I was wrong.  Every single birthday left me slightly disappointed and resenting the upcoming birthday.  

I turned 21 today.  Big deal right? Yeah.  However, I couldn’t muster up the urge to be even remotely excited about it.  The funny thing is, that Lucas has been planning this day for months, but I was so used to being let down that I refused to allow myself to feel any way about it.

And then, it happened.  The 2 day birthday celebration.  He took me shopping on the day before and he bought me everything I could possibly want.  Then he took me to an all you can eat place for dinner and I swear, I have never consumed that much food in one sitting.They even had my favorite dessert…creme caramel!!!!

Afterwards, he took me home, and we had the best pillowtalk until midnight, when I officially turned 21.  He made me noodles and watched a movie with me, and I fell asleep holding him in my arms.  I woke up to breakfast in bed, after which he took me on another adventure.  We wanted to go bowling, but they weren’t open, so he upped his game.  He took me to Indigo!!! I don’t think I’ve mentioned how much I love books!! He watched me browse through that store for the longest time, never complaining and never fidgeting.  Then, we went to see a movie, Edge of Seventeen.  With anyone else, it would’ve been a subpar experience, but this boy loves me so much that he sat through an entire teen rom-com, not out of obligation, but with an open mind.  He loved it.  

The point is, that Lucas bent over backwards for my birthday, he worked as much as he could AND got experimented on several times for money (I am not kidding).  He did all this just so he could afford to give me the most memorable birthday ever and I could not possibly love anyone more.  I have no regrets with him.  I saved all of my love for him…but that’s a story for another blog post.  

HE is my forever and he is my always.  And I just had the best birthday I have ever had in my entire life.


Today was Olympia’s birthday, and after almost two months of salivating over the celebration, we finally got to carry it out. We had a two day celebration from December 6th to the 7th, the actual day of her birthday. On the 6th, I took her shopping at the Eaton centre, we walked that mall at least three times from end to end, stopping in NYX, La Senza, Victoria’s Secret, Pink, H&M, and a very brief humorous visit to Aritzia that included a quick look at a price tag, a scoff, and a dramatic exit. On the 7th, while our original activities didn’t pan out as expected, we recovered and still managed to create an amazing day together.

I really enjoyed planning this, with and without her. It wasn’t about buying things, but more about spending time together and exploring the city, while having an abundance of pillow talk, home-made ramen meals and cuddle time. Honestly, the one thing I couldn’t let escape my mind is that 21 years ago, such a special, unique, colourful, gifted, brilliant, loving girl was brought into the world. Despite everything she’s gone through, coming from thousands of miles away, from another continent, she’s managed to flourish, and bloom into this breathtaking young woman. Even though we had very different origins, we somehow found our way to each other.

I promised Olly the best birthday of her life and I truly believe I’ve succeeded! So many times this girl has gone out of her way to make my life easier and I wanted to show her how much she means to me on her special day. I truly believe that birthdays are the one day you are entitled to have a blast, and I’m so happy that I could play a part in her birthday. I’m looking forward to celebrating many more with her, each better than the last!


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