Question: Why are you doing this?


My reason is simple. It is because there are too many unanswered questions in this world.  Let me rephrase that, there are too many questions that have thousands of subjective answers. No one answer is right, but several people can agree on one answer.  I’m writing this blog to answer the question: what is love?  I can already hear the scoffing in my head because who am I to answer such a loaded question? Well, honestly, I’m no one, but that makes my answer more reliable because by being no one, I am essentially everyone.  I can’t give you a textbook definition of love, not that there’s anything wrong with that.  I’ve searched for the meaning of love through every vice, I’ve read literature, I’ve listened to music, I’ve watched television, and I’ve had heated discussions with several people.  Before I fell in love, it was easy for me to find quotes here and there that could perfectly explain how I felt. Not anymore.  I’ve fallen in love and there is no quote that can voice my feelings.  There’s no movie that can depict my emotions.  There’s no book that can convey my thoughts.  There’s no song that can harmonize my words.  There’s no person who can give me an explanation that satisfies me.  Love is not an easy concept to grasp, much less explain or understand.  So, I’m going to write on this blog with the love of my life about what it means to love.  We will say a lot of things that you may or may not understand, but the message isn’t in the words you read, it’s hidden behind them. Our journey is never-ending.  It’s not a book, so it won’t rush all the stages of our love in 260 pages.  It’s not a movie, so it won’t squeeze our love into an hour and a half.  It’s not a song, so it won’t begin and end in all of 3 minutes.  Our love is every book you’ve never read, every movie you’ve never seen, every song you’ve never heard.  He and I? Why, we’re just a couple of nobodies, but our love makes us so much more than that, it makes us everybody.


My answer is rather complex. There’s only one person in the world who can drive me crazy and love me as endlessly as Olympia can. She has 5 names, and I love all of them to pieces. She is sitting about 50 kilometers away from me, sharing the same Skype split-screen. We’re watching Gilmore Girls, while she puts up with my loud typing. She deals with it though. She deals with a lot. She is the backbone of this relationship. She holds us up when things get rough, and the odd time when she needs a break, she still defiantly stands strong. If you were to rewind one year, I would’ve never agreed to do a couple’s blog. I wouldn’t have thought it was cheesy, I just never came across someone worth writing more than 250 words for. I could rewrite the Webster’s dictionary, paraphrasing each and every definition with a hint of Olympia. A year ago, my life was also up in the air. I wasn’t in school, I was working a dead-end, minimum job. The worst part was that I was okay with where I was in life; I was beginning to accept my situation. Life happened, I was thrown back into the vast, hopeless lagoon known as the dating scene. Just when it seemed pointless to even try, she came barrelling into my life. Who was this girl who preferred to talk on the phone rather than text? Who even does that? And why was I staying up until the wee hours of the morning talking to her, like I had known her for millennia? We would talk for what felt like minutes (but turned out to be hours) about the most challenging and simple aspects of life. Eventually I got to meet her, 19 days later. 19 nights, at least 4 hours on the phone nightly, and a combination of intelligent conversation and inevitable flirting led me to know her about as well as someone could in 76 hours. I sat on the rock by the bus stop at her campus, waiting for her to show up so I could see if she lived up to the hype. Little did I know she had already spotted me. She approached me, and without words, we shared our first kiss. Her hands ran through my hair, and I instantly knew that this wasn’t going to be a fling. The funny part was that I was okay with that, for the first time in a long time. She made me figure out my school situation, encouraging me and making me feel like I could succeed at anything that I wanted to do. Even when I wasn’t feeling one hundred percent myself, she stayed one hundred percent herself. That was big. She was, and still is exactly what I need. She’s my cheerleader, and that’s why I can be her assistant author for a few hours a week. And because I need the entire world to understand what it’s like to have a love like mine. I can only hope that someday, whoever is reading this will find someone who is even a fraction as remarkable as Olympia is, because the world needs love right now. For now, I’m okay with being the only man lucky enough to have a woman like her.


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