Welcome to our home outside of our homes. If you’re here for longer than 15 seconds, it’s because you want to know what on earth this couple is trying to do.  Why is our relationship worth reading about? Why are we both writing on it? We’re not trying to sell anything to you.  We’re just a happy couple, going through life together, and where others may make videos or take pictures documenting their time together, we do this.  We will answer questions, we will tell stories, we’ll be happy and we’ll be sad.  We don’t want you to be like us, we just want you to see what it means to be us.

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Our blog is for anyone who needs a quick escape from reality. We’ll take you on our adventure, just saddle up and hold on tight. You can experience what it means to be a different person today and hey, you might even learn something along the way! Our names are Lucas and Olympia, but in our attempt to bastardize the integrity of couple names like Brangelina, we call ourselves Ollyuke (Really, we’re the only ones who say this, if you yell it out at us in public, we will not respond, mainly because it’s never happened before).

We started getting to know each other in April 2016, and by July of that year, we fell in love.  Over the course of our blog-venture, you’ll learn how each of us fell in love with the other, what our love languages are, how we deal with conflicts, how we tick in general.

We’re making a commitment to this blog in an attempt to give us a healthy routine, and maybe you could join us as well.  So, sit back, grab a glass of wine (or beer, or cucumber water or prune juice, whatever floats your boat!!) , and enjoy the ride.

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